Resources for Families


Downloadable Resources for Puppy Families

Articles Written by Me

  1. Survival Guide for New ThornCreek Puppy Owners

  2. Neonates, Puppies & Drugs: Reasons for Caution

  3. Help! The Puppy Ate My Shoes!

  4. The Hairy Truth about Hair -- NEW!

  5. Cancer: What Berner Owners Can Do?

  6. Quick Guide for Using the Berner-Garde Health Database

  7. Information is Power!

  8. BMDPed/W (a BMD Database running on Windows and Macs)

  9. Intra Hepatic Portosystemic (Liver) Shunts IHPSS in BMDs Pamphlet

  10. Spinal Cord Diseases in BMDs Pamphlet

  11. Spinal Cord Diseases - Berner U Poster Session

  12. Understanding Renal Disease (with Lawrence Gerson, VMD)

  13. How Do We Rescue? Let Me Count the Ways

  14. Sophie: An Auction Rescue Story

  15. Canine Brucellosis-Part I

  16. Canine Brucellosis-Part 2


A Guide to Health Testing for the BMD Pet Owner

Advice on Raising a Singleton

Current Veterinary Vaccination & Anesthesia Guidelines 

  1. 2011 AAHA Vaccination Guidelines

  2. 2011 AAHA Anesthesia Guidelines

Knowing When Your Berner is Too Fat or Too Thin!

  1. Step-by-Step Instructions for Using Body Condition Scoring Techniques in Canines

Understanding Your Dog’s Blood Test Results

  1. Understanding Your Pet's Bloodwork -- NEW!

BMDCA Info Sheets

  1. About Bernese Mountain Dogs

  2. The Versatile Bernese Mountain Dog

  3. FAQs about Bernese Mountain Dogs

  4. Bernese Mountain Dog Health Issues

  5. Your Puppy’s First Year

  6. Tracking with Your Bernese Mountain Dog

  7. Obedience with Your Bernese Mountain Dog

  8. Drafting (Carting) with Your Bernese Mountain Dog

  9. Agility with Your Bernese Mountain Dog

  10. BMD Resources and Clubs

  11. Buying a Bernese Mountain Dog

  12. Grooming the Bernese Mountain Dog

  13. Geriatric Care for the Aging Bernese Mountain Dog

  14. Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue

  15. Finding Health Information on Bernese Mountain Dogs

  16. Conformation and Jr. Showmanship with a Bernese Mountain Dog

  17. Therapy with a Bernese Mountain Dog

  18. End of Life Care for the Bernese Mountain Dog

  19. Responsible Breeding of the Bernese Mountain Dog

  20. Learning about Bernese Mountain Dogs Using the Berner-Garde Database

Things for Kids!

  1. For Kids! Living Safety with Dogs Coloring Book

  2. Youth Sized Berner Sweatshirts for Kids -- See, click on “Berner Boutique”

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